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Kesha Professes Her Love For Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld Responds By Taking A Steamer On Her Soul


Put it this way: if Kesha was truly a Seinfeld fan, then she would have seen this outcome from a mile away.

If Kesha was a true Seinfeld fan, she would KNOW that Seinfeld would never, ever, have any clue who Kesha is. My man Seins is a 60-something-year old Jewish dude with a net worth of close to one BILLION dollars. And Kesha thinks that dude is going to be familiar with the musician responsible for ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Timber’? Preposterous.

It almost reads like an episode of Seinfeld, too.

Jerry is at some boujee dinner when he is approached by a pretty blonde woman who says she’s a huge fan. They have a few drinks, chat it up, and have a great time. He knows she’s a famous pop star, but doesn’t know which one — either way, she’s into him. And just as they’re about to leave, he calls her by what he thinks her name is: Iggy Azalea.

Only one problem, she’s actually Kesha.

So no, despite her recent troubles, I don’t feel bad for Kesha on this one. If she was half the Seinfeld fan she claims to be, she would have known this interaction was going to end in embarrassment.

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