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WATCH: Two Guys Play A Variation Of Beer Pong In The Middle Of A Busy Intersection


Hawaiian Punch isn’t the typical drink for a game of beer pong. But that’s not the crazy part. Most beer pong games occur in a basement, backyard or kitchen. But who in their right minds would play this drinking game in the middle of a busy intersection? Apparently, a couple dudes from Houston, Texas, who took their pong game to the next level.

Well, no matter how dumb it sounds, this stunt did make for a good viral video on Facebook Live.

These two dude thought it’d be a cool idea to play pong in traffic. Their names are Juan Johnson and Sol Uresti, and, on Thursday, they pulled off the ultimate bro move with a ping pong ball, signature red cups, and an intersection buzzing with all kinds of cars. They

“People were laughing and saying ‘You’re crazy,’” said Johnson. “This was the first crazy one we’ve done,” said Uresti. “And it went viral.”

But these dudes do have one regret. They’re worried if their pong prank will turn around and bite them in the ass. They certainly don’t want to be arrested. Especially for something stupid like playing Hawaiian Punch pong in the street.

“I’m kind of scared to get charged because it’s in the middle of the intersection right here,” said Uresti. “Just don’t do it.”

As it turns out, you can be charged with a crime for doing their little “pong in traffic” stunt. This silly game can wind up giving someone a real headache, much more than a hangover, if the police intervene. You can receive a misdemeanor charge as well as a fine of up to $500 for imitating the game of these two risk-taking dudes.

The police won’t press charges since no one reported the incident, but they certainly don’t encourage people playing pong in on a busy road.

“Doing this prank can affect not only yourself, the people in the intersection and also people who will copycat the situation,” said HPD Officer John Williams.

It’s probably better to play beer pong in a safer environment than in the middle of a busy intersection. Whatever. Just watch the video and you decide if it’s a good idea or not…

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