This British Guy Refuses To Leave His Beer Behind During A Terrorist Attack, So He Becomes An Internet Hero

Last night, terror struck London. Chaos engulfed the surrounding area, as civilians fled, yet this guy wouldn’t leave his brew behind. This was the United Kingdom’s second terrorist attack in less than two weeks, as three masked men plowed through pedestrians on the London Bridge. These suspected terrorists exited their van and started stabbing as many people as possible in nearby bars and restaurants. In total, ten people have died; seven civilians have perished while the suspects were shot dead by police. The incident put 48 other people in the hospital, 21 victims are currently in critical condition.

Despite the horror that ran through the streets of London, one man wouldn’t let fear get in the way of his beer. Yes, there’s a guy who wouldn’t leave his brew behind during the attack. He’s become somewhat of a national hero on the internet, representing the “spirit of London” standing valiant in the face of terror.
This guy still got the f**k out of there. But he made sure he didn’t spill his beer. He stood tall, staring down danger with a brew firmly in his right hand. He didn’t appear as a person overcome with fear, but as a person who wouldn’t let terrorism get in the way of his beer. He’s a symbol of that defiant Brit who refuses to let go of the nation’s celebrated culture and value system, even when the street becomes like a battlefield.
This unlikely hero become a huge hit on the internet. He’s that unshaken Brit still holding onto his beer in the face of terror. To many, he represents the undying “London Spirit” that still remains proud and British during a time of sheer mayhem. This man gave many a reason to smile during such a terrible ordeal. You should see the viral response to this bro’s bravery.
Fear wouldn’t get in the way of this man’s beer…

British politicians maybe…

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