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National Donut Day 2017: Where & How To Get Free Donuts


National Donut Day is probably the favorite holiday of Homer Simpson and at least half the American police force. On this day, we take the time to honor the celebrated donuts that contribute so much joy to so many lives. Imagine the world without donuts, I dare you, it’d most likely be a much darker place with less rainbow sprinkles.

Friday, June 2nd, 2017, is the day of the donut!

But where, on this day, can I find the elusive free donut? Well, on National Donut Day, this sweet creature isn’t so rare. There’s a number of different donut franchises who are dying to accommodate their customers with a free donut.

On the first Friday of June, treat yourself to the delightful donut deals at the following franchises:

Dunkin’ Donuts

National Donut Day 2017: Where & How to Get Free Donuts


We might as well start big. This place was a favorite of my mom. It’s one of the most recognizable brands out there where it comes to donuts and coffee. It’s like if Crispy Creme and Starbucks had a baby, but may have made some questionable life choices during the pregnancy period. Either way, Dunkin’ Donuts is my sh*t! All jokes aside, this franchise is offering a sweet deal with a free donut.

At participating locations, you’ll receive a free classic donut of your choosing, but first you need to buy a drink. It could be any drink. It’s not technically a free deal if you still need to buy something, but hey, freedom isn’t free.

Cumberland Falls

National Donut Day 2017: Where & How to Get Free Donuts


You’ll find another donut deal at Cumberland Falls, but only at participating locations that you can find here.

So, what’s the deal? From 5 A.M. to 10 A.M., you can get you hands on a free donut with the purchase of any dispensed beverage. You’ll only find this deal at “new concept” or remodeled Cumberland Falls locations.

Krispy Kreme

National Donut Day 2017: Where & How to Get Free Donuts

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

At participating locations of Krispy Kreme, you can get a free donut without purchasing a single item. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Click here to find out which locations offer this special deal.

Duck Donuts

National Donut Day 2017: Where & How to Get Free Donuts


At participating locations, you’ll be able to get your claws on one free, made-to-order donut of your choice with any purchase (doesn’t have to be a drink this time). Be aware that receipts that are printed on Friday contain a really cool coupon, which will provide you with a free half dozen donuts if you had already purchased a half-dozen. You’ll get 12 donuts altogether with that deal. That’s a lot of donuts, bub!

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