Jeff Van Gundy Was Too Disracted By Rihanna To Give A Flying Shit About LeBron's Awesome Dunk

Well, if you’re waking up this morning unsure of how last night’s NBA Finals went, let me explain it to you in one sentence: Kevin Durant ruined basketball.
Sure, it’s only one game, but the Finals are all but over. The Warriors trounced the Cavs by 21 points in Game 1, and that’s with Klay and Draymond bricking every shot they took.
It’s over, and it was over early.
So since the game itself was so boring, fans at home needed something to turn their attention to.
That’s where Rihanna comes in. Ri Ri was sitting courtside, looking bad as hell, talking shit, you know, Rihanna things. And not only was she responsible for the only entertainment of the night, but she provided some comedy as well.
During the first quarter, while the Cavs were still in the game, LeBron laid down a thundersome dunk. The only problem was that color commentator Jeff Van Gundy missed it … because he was busy staring at Rihanna.

Jeff Van Gundy — he’s just like the rest of us.

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