These Leaked Photos Of The New 'Super Smash Bros' Game Has Me Feeling Some Type Of Way

Well get to Super Smash Bros in a second, but first:

That’s how it feels like Super Smash Bros just re-entered my life. I mean, think about this for a second, is there any question that Super Smash Bros is the single greatest video game of all-time? I know that can seem like a stretch, but follow me here.
The Nintendo 64, the system the first Super Smash Bros game was released on, was introduced in the United States on March 1, 1997. Now, here we are 20 years and countless gaming systems later, and you can STILL find dudes with Nintendo 64 systems lying around. You won’t find any Playstation 1’s, or original Xboxes — but you bet your ass you could find a Nintendo 64 in about 50% of college bro houses.
And that’s all because of Super Smash Bros. It’s simplicity, replayability, and competitivity have made it one of the most revered game in bro culture and has had a staying power unlike many games we’ve ever seen.
So with the release of the new Nintendo Switch, you knew it was only time until a new version of Super Smash Bros rolled around. And if these leaked images are legit in any way, shape, or form, then you can catch me in line at Game Stop on the day this comes out, buying an entire Nintendo Switch, because that’s how much I love Super Smash Bros.

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