Leave It To Jon Daly To Have A Sage-Like Opinion About Tiger Woods' DUI Arrest

In case you just got back from a trip to Mars or whatever, the news of the week (other than Donnie Freedom’s daily faux paws) has been Tiger Woods’ Memorial Day Weekend DUI.
On early Monday, May 29, Woods was reportedly asleep at the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes Benz when he was arrested by Jupiter police early Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida.

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit, the 41-year-old Woods had to be woken up by an officer. His car was running at the time and Woods’ right blinker was flashing. After Woods was awoken by police, he failed four field sobriety tests. After failing those four tests, Woods submitted to a breathalyzer and blew a .000 two times, which suggests that there was no alcohol in his system, however, Woods was on four prescription drugs: Soloxer, Vicodin, Torix, and Viox.
While many in the golfing world are coming to Tiger’s side, the most poignant, is John Daly.
Ole’ John Daly knows a thing or two about substance abuse and yet has remained a mainstay, and a fan-favorite, on the tour despite that. So if Tiger should be listening to anyone’s advice right now, it’s Daly, who had a surprising sage-like opinion of the whole thing:

‘Just get back on the golf course, man. This stuff’ll pass. It always does. Hey, it proves he’s human. He’s one of us, baby. I love him


John Daly: pro-golfer, pro-drinker, and life-advice giver.

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