The Only Way To Describe This Video Of A White Baseball Dad Going Nuts Is That It's A Sequel To 'Get Out'

My original title for this article was ‘I Truly Don’t Even Know How To Describe This Video’, but I like to think I’m a better writer than that, so I put in a little thought and landed on a much better title.
But my point is that my initial reaction to this madness was pure befuddlement. First of all, my body literally cringed as if a cold chill had entered the room as soon as I clicked play. Just listen to that kid’s f*cking voice. It’s the prepubescent voice-cracking equivalent of torture.
Once I got over the torturous shrill that was that demon child’s voice, my second thought was, this kind of reminds me of Lion King. Lion King? But how? Well, the vibe I was getting is that this psycho-suburban dad was like Scar, and all of his devil children were like the hyena squad, just circling and cackling and their prey.
Then my final thought was: nevermind, this doesn’t remind me of Lion King, no, it reminds me of Get Out— just a bunch of suburban white people being absolutely unhinged psychopaths under the surface.
All in all, it’ts a disturbing, yet equally hilarious video that just needs to be seen to be believed.
via Youtube:

This happened at the Fairfield Pacific Little League baseball fields in Northern California , I was skateboarding at the park near by & I went to leave & noticed a huge baseball radial crack in my windshield. So after asking around witness’ told me they saw the ball go over the fence and hit my car .
I walk over to them and ask how he wants to go about paying for my windshield he immediately got upset with me and accused me of being a moron for parking there ( in the parking lot..) I explain how its the same difference if you are golfing and you hit a car on a road just because you’re golfing doesn’t shift the blame onto the driver. So he gets pissed and his kids get pissed as the dad goes back to the car i hear him say something along the lines of ” if he gets too close to me beat him ” and she goes and grabs a bat from the trunk ( about the time the video starts )
I started video taping because I felt unsafe and I was documenting for my insurance.this was from 2 or three clips i was initially thinking i was taking photos but then i realized i was taking video and ran with it glad i did otherwise i wouldnt have caught the dad threatening me – how stupid he will feel once he sees this ” I will own you ” I have blurred the video to protect the kids faces because I can assume they are not mature adults . Just to help avoid dumb comments, there was no one else playing baseball it was memorial day, practice on these fields are for teams only and he was using his access on his own free will without the OK from the little league. I in no way want to smear the Little League its a great thing for kids to be a part of and help keep them off the streets. But this type of sh!t is not okay .
It literally starts out when she grabs a bat.

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