Bernie Sanders Gave A Very Bernie Sanders Commencement Speech At Brooklyn College

Man, what a god damn shame. Bernie Sanders was, and is, my dude. The guy was the only guy in the entire race, on BOTH parties, who seemed like he was just trying to help people out, and he got snuffed out by his own political party. Frankly, I’m actually glad the Democrats lost the election, cause they dug their own grave by trying to derail Bernie’s campaign. Bernie probably would have won in a landslide, but since the political elite wanted things to go their way, because, obviously, a robotic, lying, stiff, untrustworthy Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primaries over the honest, do-gooding, reasonable Bernie Sanders. America in a nutshell, ain’t it?
But just because he lost to Hillary, doesn’t mean he was ready to back out of the public spotlight anytime soon. Sanders has been on the frontlines for the Democrats and the American population as a whole, fighting for what he thinks is right. Just a great human being. He also looks and sounds hilarious, which certainly helps. God only know what I would have done to see a Bernie-Trump debate. Just two old school New Yorkers hurling insults at each other, unwilling to take even an ounce of the other’s bullshit. There’d be hand motions and fingering pointing belong. The nonverbal communication alone would be worth the price of entry. It would have been electric television. I’m talking about Super Bowl-level ratings. What a missed opportunity for American history.
Anyway, all of this leads me to say that whenever Bernie makes an appearance, especially at a college, I’m going to bring it to you. He’s a one of a kind politician and should be appreciated while we have him.

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