Gettysburg Bullets Women's Lacrosse Team Wins DIII Championship

The Gettysburg Bullets have one of the best DIII lacrosse programs in the country, a fact that was proven over the weekend when the Women’s Lacrosse Team won the Division III National Championship against The College of New Jersey. The final score of the game was 6-5. This is the second National Championship that the Women’s Lacrosse Team has delivered to Gettysburg College.
The Bullets were needed #7 nationally entering the tournament and would finish the year defeating 2 different #1 ranked teams. That’s a first in program history–just like allowing an extremely stingy 4.78 goals against (a program and conference record that will stand for a long time).
The finals, which were held at Roanoake College in Virginia, started out with a bang as the Bullets went up 4-1 before halftime. TCNJ mounted a serious comeback, but Gettysburg held strong by earning the final two goals. Sophomore Steph Colson stepped up to the plate and scored the game winner with only 2:57 left on the clock. You can see that photo below.

As a Gburg alumnus, obviously I’m a little biased here, but I can’t tell you the number of close calls that both the Men’s and the Women’s team has had to raising the DIII trophy in a few years. My senior year back in 2010, the Gettysburg Men’s Team played against Salisbury in the Finals. They lost that game (held in Gillette Stadium) to Salisbury, a garbage institution with a great lacrosse team (again, biased), who actually won the championship again this year.

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