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Harambe’s One Year Anniversary Of Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images


Exactly one year ago, the sweet gorilla known as Harambe was tragically taken from this earth. On Sunday, May 28, 2016, we bore witness to the shot heard all around the internet. The Cincinnati Zoo hosted this most-unfortunate event as a child wandered into the gorilla tank and the hapless Harmbe didn’t have a chance.

He’s left a deep impact on the lives of many people all across the cyber-world. His death left a hole in people’s hearts that can only be filled with memes. People are really just self-medicating with these humorous photos.

Harambe’s soul is probably soaring through the cosmos on some intergalactic journey with other enlightened sentient energy forces. But enough about my Harambe sci-fi fan-fiction. I know what you came for, loyal readers; you probably arrived with glowing eyes with a mixture of joy and sadness coating the natural lens. You came to commemorate the late, great gorilla with some of the most awesome memes ever created!

Some among us might think this celebrated icon should be President of the United States. All America really needs is a symbol of guidance, and Harambe may just fill the void in all of our hearts. This gorilla is so powerful that even after death he touches more souls than most people. The Book of Harambe may even end up saving lives!

If anything, you’ll probably just laugh your tuchus off at these memes!

And as a side note: Parents, remember to keep an eye on your young child when you’re in any zoo around any enclosure. That is all.

As this day comes to a close, let’s take a moment to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to give us the memes we cherish.

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