Travis A. Ball: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Fatal Shooting Suspect

Special Agent Michael T. Walter was shot as he approached a vehicle parked on the wrong side of the road Friday night. Walter died because of his injuries at 5 a.m. at the VCU Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia. Meanwhile, the police and U.S Marshals went on a manhunt, as they searched for the shooter. The suspect was apprehended about an hour after Walter’s death (shortly after 6 A.M.) at a residence in Northumberland County.
Richmond resident Travis A. Ball has been charged with malicious wounding, among other charges in the death of Michael T. Walter.
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says that him and his wife are “heartbroken” over the death of Special Agent Walter. He also said that the state of Virginia will be forever thankful for his service and sacrifice.

What happened?

Special Agent Michael T. Walter noticed a silver Chevrolet Cobalt pull-up to the curb on the wrong side of the street. Walter parked his cruiser behind the silver Chevy to speak with the driver. Only moments later, the officer was shot and the suspect was running from his car on foot. Walter’s partner rushed from his vehicle to tend to the fallen special agent. The partner called in for assistance and was not injured. Walter later died of his injuries in a Richmond hospital.

Where did the shooting occur?

The shooting happened in the 1900 block of Redd Street in Richmond, Virginia.

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