Roger Moore Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Roger Worth Now?

Legendary James Bond actor Roger Moore passed away today at the age of 89. He spent a long life entertaining millions across the world from his early days on television to his later role as that badass secret agent 007. After over seven decades immersed in show business, you’d think that Moore left behind a lot of money. Well, you’re right…

Roger Moore Net Worth as of 2019: $100 Million

Moore’s net worth rolls in at a fantastic $100 million. He was born in Stockwell, London and grew to become a tremendous success. Moore began his career on television in 1945 and retired shortly before his death. In 2016, he called it quits from show business to ride off into the sunset once more. He’s a legendary force in the field of film. From 1958-1972, Moore was a star of numerous TV shows. But he may have left his most enduring impression on film as James Bond from 1973 to 1985.
Let’s take a look at Roger’s road to riches…

1949 – 1972

Roger Moore Net Worth 1972

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Roger started off his career as a model, advertising for toothpaste and knitwear. He was later signed to a seven-year contract with MGM, appearing in movies like Interrupted Melody and The King’s Thief. Moore then moved on to Warner Bros., where he starred in the film The Miracle.
He would then spend over a decade starring in various television series: Ivanhoe (1958-1959), The Alaskans (1959-1960), Maverick (1960-1961), The Saint (1962-1969) and The Persuaders (1971-1972). Out of all the TV shows, The Saint ran for the longest time period. When this show from the United Kingdom became exposed to the American market, Moore was transformed into a household name. During his years playing the role of Simon Templar, Moore’s role expanded from actor to producer and director of episodes.

1973 – 1990

Roger Moore Net Worth 1990

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Roger took up the iconic role of James Bond in 1973, as he starred in the film Live and Let Die. Moore played James Bond in seven different films, adding his humorous brand of one-liners to the mix. He was even named “Best Bond” for an Academy Awards poll in 2004 and in 2008. He’s the oldest person to have played James Bond: 45-years-old with the first film and 58-years-old when he stepped away from his Bond role in 1985 with A View to a Kill.
Moore acted in 13 other films during his James Bond period, but none of these movies were critically or financially successful. After he retired from playing Bond, Moore took five years off from acting. In 1990, he returned to the television screen on the show My Riviera. He also returned to the silver screen that year for the film Bed & Breakfast.

1990 – Present

Roger Moore Net Worth 2017

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Roger took another hiatus from film, only to return in a supporting role for the 1996 martial arts film The Quest. In 1997, Moore played the Chief in the movie Spice World. And if you were semi-conscious in the late ’90s, you probably know what that film is about.
In 2002, Moore starred in the movie Boat Trip. Even though the film was universally panned, Moore’s role was praised as being one of the more enjoyable aspects of the movie.
The actor next appeared in a 2009 advertisement for the Post Office. Later that year, he went back to his secret agent past in the Victoria Wood Christmas Special on BBC1 right in time for the holiday season. The very next year, Moore played a cat for the very first time in his acting career, as he lent his voice to the film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.
Moore appeared in another holiday-related story in the 2011 film A Princess for Christmas. In 2012, he took his acting abilities to the stage in UK theaters for seven shows of Evenings With. Roger was even named one of GQ’s fifty best dressed British men in 2015. He was never too old to stay sharp.
On May 23, 2017, Sir Roger George Moore passed away. He was a father of three children. He had survived three divorces, but that didn’t stop him from marrying again when he tied the knot with Kristina Tholstrup in 2002. Moore was a philanthropist, who spent time supporting PETA and UNICEF, looking out for the rights of animals and the well-being of women and children in developing countries. Moore was a beautiful human being that has contributed so much to this world, whether on film or in-person.



The 007 Diaries filming Live And Let Die by Actor Roger Moore is going to be released soon in 2018 and is eagerly awaited by all.


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