New NFL Rule Changes: What's New & Must-See Details

Various rule changes are being proposed and voted on at the NFL owners spring meetings in Chicago. The rules changes vary from roster cuts in the preseason to the length of the overtime period, to the types of permitted touchdown celebrations. Let’s look at the impact of some of these changes and some of the other notes from the meetings.
After arguments that shortening the overtime period would make the game safer, ESPN is reporting that the overtime period will be shortened from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. This change was proposed in March but was finally voted on during the spring meetings. With a shorter overtime and the rule that a field goal on the first possession does not end the game, it is possible that more ties will be the result for the next season. It will also be closely watched to see if the extra five minutes off of the overtime period really makes the players safer.
Another one of the rule changes involves the elimination of the 75-man cut down during the preseason. Essentially this means that rosters will need to be cut down from 90 plus players to 53 after the final preseason game. While this gives more players time to prove themselves, it also will mean many players will lose their job at the same time. It will be a mad dash to sign players to practice squads and sort through all of the roster changes before the regular season.

A final rule change should come as a relief for lovers of GIFs and viral videos. After cracking down on touchdown celebrations by penalizing and fining player, the NFL has loosened their restrictions on what types of celebrations are permitted. Group celebrations, using the ball as a prop, laying on the ground and making snow angels are now allowed as celebrations. However offensive gestures and twerking are still not allowed. It will be exciting to see what the players think of and where the new line of appropriateness will be drawn.

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