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Here Is Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Would Lay The Smackdown On Donald Trump In 2020


Could it be that The Rock is the only force of nature out there who can lay the smackdown on Donald Trump‘s candy ass in the 2020 US Presidential Elections? Only time will tell, but the People’s Champ has gotten great numbers in Las Vegas’ gambling circle. According to betting odds, people think Dwayne Johnson has a better chance of winning the elections than career-politicians like Martin O’Malley, Rand Paul, and Jeb “The Mess” Bush. And now, a poll has been released, suggesting that The Rock would best Trump in the 2020 Presidential race.

On last’s night episode of Saturday Night Live, The Rock made an “earth-shattering” announcement, verbalizing his intention to run for president in 2020. This is all tongue-in-cheek, right? A joke, right? Who knows, these days. But we do know that Tom Hanks is ready and willing to act as his Vice President.

According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, participants were asked who would they support in the 2020 elections: Donald Trump or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and guess who won? If you guessed The Rock then you’re right. He won the poll 42-37.

The Rock responded to this yuge news during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I’ve really been blown away, it’s so flattering,” Johnson admitted. “I think it’s because a lot of people want to see a different leadership today – not different, but a better leadership today. I think more poise, less noise.”

Dwayne says that the reason why the people in the poll chose him over Donald Trump comes down to relatability. “I also think over the years I’ve become a guy a lot of people relate to. I get up early in the morning at a ridiculous hour and go to work. I spend time with the troops, I take care of my family, I love taking care of people. I think that kind of thing really resonates with people, especially today.”

Johnson hasn’t exactly made up his mind yet, as said, “three and a half years is a long way away, so we’ll see.”

The People’s Champ appeared on Saturday Night Live last night and poked fun at this recent presidential-level attention that he’s been receiving. Tom Hanks will be his running partner obviously.

Let’s be honest, The Rock probably has the best chance of grabbing the Democratic ticket for the 2020 Presidential Election. He also has a great chance of winning the damn thing. Dwayne would be the only politician alive who doesn’t make me want to puke up my stomach acid.

Enough of this riff raff about The Rock. Let’s all count down the days until Trump starts making noise about Dwayne’s birth certificate. That’s Trump for ya!


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