WATCH: Pro Boxer Gets Disqualified, So He Gets Assaulted By His Opponent's Uncle

Tonight’s fight between Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui concluded with an obvious case of controversy. Jose was disqualified for a late punch on Andre after the bell in the eighth round. So, what is a good, caring uncle to do? Dirrell’s uncle quickly a stiff shot of his own right to Uzcategui’s tired face. Dirrell’s uncle nailed a total of two punches, one per fist.

According to ESPN’s Dan Rafael, Andre’s uncle, Leon Lawson, is currently “wanted by the cops.” Most likely for that wicked sucker punch on Jose earlier in the evening.

Uzcategui got knocked silly and now the law is looking for Lawson. What a crazy night! Let’s see the punch that has brewed so much controversy in the world of professional boxing:

Ouch. Lights out for Jose!

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