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Stanley Greene Cause of Death: How Did War Photographer Die?


Stanley Greene, an American war photographer, has died at the age of 68.

Stanley Greene Cause of Death

An exact cause of death is unknown at this time, however, Greene had been battling liver cancer for several years.

Stanley Greene

Stanley Greene was an American photojournalist born in Brooklyn in 1949.

He began his career as a painter, but started taking pictures as a way to record material for his paintings. In 1971, he began to shift his focus to photography.

He held a handful of jobs as a photographer, including covering musical events for Newsday and shooting fashion shows in Paris. He developed a drug having in the 1980s but kicked it after a friend died of AIDS.

Since 1994, Greene is best known for his documentation of the conflict in Chechnya, between rebels and the Russian Armed Forces, which was compiled in his 2004 book, Open Wound.These photos have drawn attention to the “suffering that has marked the latest surge in Chechnya’s centuries-long struggle for independence from Russia.”

In 2008, Greene revealed that he had hepatitis C, which he believed he had contracted from a contaminated razor while working in Chad in 2007. After controlling the disease with medication, he traveled to Afghanistan and shot a story about “the crisis of drug abuse and infectious disease”.¬†Greene has lived and worked in Paris since 1986.

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