Everything You Need To Know About 'The Keepers', Your Latest Netflix Obsession





A true crime documentary series is hitting Netflix tonight. This seven-episode series will explore the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. She was a nun and a teacher, who taught English and Drama at Western High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Once Cesnik spoke out against the school’s sinister sex scandal, her body was discovered near a garbage dump. Coincidence?
“The Keepers” will dive right into the unsolved crime of a murder that seems connected to the school’s dark past. Sister Cathy spoke out and ended up dead. Could it be connected?
Two priests from Archbishop Keough High School were accused of committing sinister acts to the young girls of Archbishop Keough High School. These crimes include sexual molestation, harassment, rape and trafficking school girls to sex-hungry policemen. Jean Wehner is just one of the victims of this dark story. She says that Sister Cathy approached her and send gently, “Are the priests hurting you?”
The surviving victims Teresa Lancaster and Jean Wehner said that Sister Cathy was the only person who tried to help them. One priest is identified as Father Joseph Maskell Cathy even went to the Archdiocese of Baltimore to discuss the shocking revelations she discovered at the Archbishop Keough High School. She disappeared on November 7, 1969.
Sister Cathy’s body was found on January 3, 1970 by a garbage dump in Lansdowne, Maryland. She was only 26 years old.

Father Maskell trafficked those girls to rapacious policemen?

According to victim Teresa Lancaster, Father Maskell had devious accomplices in the local police department. She reports that Father Maskell took her to a wooded area, where he handed her over to policemen who preyed upon her young body.
“Father Maskell picked me up, took me to a wooded area where there was a lot of policemen gathered around, he left me in the backseat and two policemen abused me while Maskell stood next to the car,” she told WJZ’s Denise Koch.

“Denise: “Two police officers raped you?”
Teresa: “Yes they did. Before I knew it there was a big man on top of me and then I thought that would be it and another policeman came in and I could hear Maskell in the distance talking and laughing.”
Denise: “How did they get away with this?”
Teresa: “Power and fear. Maskell was a police chaplain and he knew people in high places—that’s how they got away with it. They scared the living hell out of us.”

In 1995, Teresa Lancaster and Jean Wehner tried to sue their school for the sexual abuse inflicted upon them by Father Joseph Maskell and another priest. These priests have been accused of committing numerous sexual offenses against female student of Archbishop Keough High School. Their case was dismissed because it passed the Statute Of Limitations.

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