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Baylor Student Proposes To Girlfriend During Graduation, Selfishly Makes Long Ceremony Even Longer


Having graduated college just a year ago, I still consider myself a child.

Still make wildly poor, rash decisions. Still laughing at inappropriate moments. Farting way more than I should. Blacking out from drinking too much tequila, etc, etc.

So I could NEVER imagine, at the ripe age of 22 years old (I was 23, but apples and oranges mate), hitching my waggon to one chick. Or better yet, letting a chick hitch her wagon to me.

As Baylor University’s Joseph Dizdar walked on stage to accept his college diploma, he quickly snatched the mic for something far more important.

As Dizdar grabbed the microphone after collecting his degree he yelled, “Nicole Whitehead … I love you so much, and was wondering, will you marry me?”

Got to admit, I think this kid is going to regret this move for the rest of his life. The couple years post-college are peak living and he’s going to be missing out on all of that planning a wedding.

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