Halle Berry Strips Down For Nina Simone Tribute, Gets Called 'Desperate Tramp'

It seems like women can do no right these days in the public eye. On one hand, we require nearly all actresses to sexualize themselves to get ahead in Hollywood. On the other, we immediately body and slut shame any star that dares to even remotely offend our delicate sensibilities. Basically, fame is a no-win scenario for these starlets, as Halle Berry can tell you.
The former Oscar-winner stripped down to pay tribute to iconic singer/activist Nina Simone on Instagram on Tuesday, only to draw the wrath of haters with too much time on her hand. One comment went so far as to call her a “desperate tramp.” I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a bit harsh for what amounted to a very tasteful sexy picture.


As you can see, the clothing-free Berry is almost completely obscured by a glass door. I’ve seen worse images scribbled onto bathroom stalls.
Accompanying the pic is a quote from Simone.
“I’ll tell you what is freedom to me. No fear. #NinaSimone,” Berry wrote.
Despite the positive notion of the post, the Internet quickly busted out its digital pitchforks and torches. One user with the handle “thasmartchick” hit Berry with the aforementioned “Desperate tramp” insult.
The post attracted other nonsensical critics as well. One user said, “So sad when women use their bodies to seek attention. Women are so much more that than and that’s where our freedom is. Free to be intelligent, interesting, talented, mothers, friends, wives and so much more than TnA. Pathetic really.”
Another wrote simply, “Sinner woman…”
On behalf of all of us rational individuals, I’d like to take this opportunity to say to each and every one of these haters: kindly go f— yourselves.
Keep doing your thing, Halley. We’re big fans.

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