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The Internet Was Not Kind To The Houston Rockets After Last Night’s Debacle


At 24 years old, I’ve been consistently watching sports for about half of my life.

I’ve seen Italy win the World Cup and the Mets lose in the World Series (twice). I’ve seen Jason Kidd and the Nets get dominated by Shaq, Kobe, and the Lakers, and I’ve seen Mark Sanchez fumble the ball by running into his teammate’s asshole. I’ve seen upsets, comebacks, let-downs, blowouts — when it comes to sports, I’ve seen it all.

At least I thought I had seen it all… until last night. That Houston Rockets – San Antonio Spurs game was unlike any athletic competition I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been watching sports for half my life, and I have never, ever, EVER seen a team, at home, in an elimination game, with an MVP candidate, get absolutely throttled like that. To put it in perspective, picture it like this — remember those old Colts vs. Patriots classics? Last night’s game was the equivalent of the Indianapolis Colts traveling up to New England and beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship … without Peyton Manning. Could you even picture that? Of course not! Because it’s virtually impossible.

But, if the last 20 years have taught us anything, if anyone could pull off a win like that, it’s the Spurs. And they did.

Now, while most people quick to throw praise on the Spurs, everyone was quick to start (deservedly) shitting on James Harden.

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