USF Football Player LaDarrius Jackson Charged With Sexual Assault For The Second Time This Month

Earlier in May, we brought you the story of LaDarrius Jackson, a University of South Florida football player who arrested by police on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment after he allegedly forced himself onto a female student.
The 22-year-old Jackson, a defensive end of the USF football team, was taken into custody on Monday, May 1.
Now, just a couple of weeks later, Jackson has turned himself in to face further charges. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Jackson turned himself in for assaulting a woman in her bathroom and then ordering her to buy emergency contraceptive and drive him back to his campus.
Via Daily Mail:

The woman said she was in the bathroom at her Hillsborough County home back in March when Jackson asked her to shower with him, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
She spurned his advances and tried to leave the bathroom but 6 foot 4 Jackson blocked the door with his 248-pound frame, police said. He then grabbed her, forced her clothes off and sexually assaulted her, the authorities said. Jackson then forced the victim to drive to a nearby pharmacy to buy an emergency contraceptive. He ordered her to take in front of him, before forcing her to drive him back to his campus accommodation.
In the second attack on Monday, a separate woman claimed Jackson pushed into her dorm room while she ‘attempted to prevent him by placing her hands on the walls’.

In the earlier incident, Jackson forced a woman to have sex with him on Monday afternoon despite her verbal and physical efforts to resist him. He forced her into her room after she placed her hands on a wall in an attempt to stop him, the report says, then pushed her onto the bed and straddled her.
The victim told investigators she did not leave the room because she feared Jackson — who stands 6’4″ and weighs 243 pounds — would try to stop her, the report says.
Jackson was charged with two counts of sexual battery and false imprisonment. Team officials released a statement saying Jackson has been removed from all team activities pending an investigation.

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