Who Are Your Favorite College Cheerleader Teams? Vote Now

The months of summer are pretty tough for die-hard sports fans: college sports are on hold, basketball is finished, and baseball and NASCAR are really the only things going. Thankfully, college football is on the horizon. Tens of thousands of football players are spending the summer at their schools, working out, playing Madden, and putting in the sweat so that by the time the season comes back, they’re ready to win some football games.
The football players and coaches aren’t the only ones preparing themselves for the fall, though. College cheerleaders also stay very busy in the offseason, practicing their routines, doing more squats than you can imagine, and getting ready for their first home game.
So rather than do something as crazy as watch baseball this summer, why don’t you celebrate these cheerleaders’ hard work and check out the light at the end of the tunnel. Tell us which cheerleading squads you like in the gallery below.

Final Four 2017: Cheerleaders Photos & Must-See Pictures
Final Four 2017: Cheerleaders Photos & Must-See Pictures
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