Four Johns Hopkins University Students Overdose At Delta Phi Fraternity

Delta Phi at Johns Hopkins University has been suspended after a drug overdose incident involving four undergraduate students.
According to university officials, the students attended a party Sunday, May 7, at the Delta Phi fraternity. Delta Phi, also known as the St. Elmo’s fraternity, is located on East University Parkway near Calvert Street.
All four students were successfully treated with Narcan. No details were given about what opioid specifically led to the overdoses.

“It is our understanding that all four students were treated by hospital emergency room personnel for apparent opioid overdoses,” the university’s Office of Campus Safety and Security said in the statement.

While the Delta Phi fraternity is not a Johns Hopkins-recognized organization, the fraternity was suspended by its national organization because of this incident. Delta Phi is not permitted to hold parties or any events until further notice.
The Baltimore Police Department and university officials are investigating theĀ incident and asking anyone with information about it or any other drug-related incidents to call Campus Safety and Security at 410-516-4600.
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This is all the information available at this time. This article will be updated if more information becomes available.

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