Mountain Biking Is All Fun & Games Until You’re Running For Your Life From A Grizzly Bear

I was never much of an outdoors kid.

Well, that isn’t true. I loved playing sports, riding my bike, f*cking around with friends, etc, etc. What I didn’t enjoy was playing in, uh, nature. The woods made my itchy. Snow made my cold. Why bother with either? Call me a grump, but during snow days, when all the kids were running outside to roll around in the snow, I was wrapped up cozy on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, watching movies, and by the time I was old enough, cranking multiple out.

Does any of that have anything to do with this video? I don’t know, kind of. I guess my point is this: stay the f*ck out of nature. Man has evolved out of nature and into shelter and technology for a reason. Just imagine this dude was on foot, going for a hike or what have you? Night night. Iced. KO’d. Body-bagged.

It’s a mad world out there people: Netflix & chill or almost die (literally).

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