'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere Spoiled By Instagram Post?

AMC’s The Walking Dead will return for its eighth season in October, but that’s not soon enough for some fans. Devoted viewers are so hungry for new details that they’ll rabidly devour any morsel of information like a starving Walker. Fortunately for them, actor Daniel Newman (who plays Kingdom soldier Daniel) just provided them with some.
Warning: The following contains possible spoilers for The Walking Dead season eight.
Newman posted then deleted an Instagram photo that showed him, Rick and Andy from the Hilltop at The Sanctuary where Negan and his followers reside. But what does this mean?
TV Guide suggests that since “Rick Grimes hasn’t been to the Sanctuary on The Walking Dead to date, and filming on season eight started last week,” the photo “heavily suggests that Grimes’ army will bring the fight to Negan’s front yard early on in season eight. Specifically, fans are speculating that a major battle from Robert Kirkman’s comic books… will go down during or close to the season eight premiere.”
Piggybacking off that, Andrew Lincoln did describe the season eight premiere as “one of the greatest episodes we’ve ever attempted.”
Rick taking it to the Saviors on their home turf isn’t a major spoiler since fans assumed it would go down at some point. But Newman’s Instagram post let fans know exactly when it will happen and proved that showrunner Scott M. Gimple wasn’t messing around when he promised that season eight would be “a bit more kinetic, a bit more breakneck.” It sounds like the premiere will feature a pretty intense battle that should set the stage for the remaining season.
Would The Walking Dead have the balls to kill off Negan in the first new episode? Almost assuredly not, but it’s fun to think about.
If you want to see the photo for yourself, you can check it out on Reddit.

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