The Man Narrating This Denny’s Fight Needs To Be Given An Emmy Or Something

You know what makes a good fight video, a great fight video? It isn’t camera work or high-impact knockouts. It isn’t a clear winner and a clear loser. No, what takes fight videos to the next level is… commentary. And this video has hilarious commentary in spades.

If the Dodgers haven’t found their replacement for Vin Scully yet, I think I may have found their man.

Now, you might find yourself feeling like the voice you hear in the video is a little familiar. And if you’ve been on Instagram in the last three months, I’m here to tell you that it is a familiar voice. It’s this f*cking guy:

How these two viral video stars just so happened to be at a Denny’s where a viral fight was breaking out is beyond me, but I’m going to take it easy on being too woke and just assume that it was a wonderful coincidence.

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