Penn State Frat Brother Says He Tried To Get Help For Timothy Piazza But Was Ignored

Kordel Davis was a former member of Penn State University’s Beta Theta Pi chapter. He was present at the frat house during the hazing rituals that took the life of 19-year-old pledge Timothy Piazza on February 3.

In an interview today with Good Morning America, Davis revealed that he tried to get help for Piazza, but he was ignored by his brothers. Despite Davis’ pleas and Piazza clearly needing medical treatment, the fraternity refused to take Piazza to the hospital.

Watch Davis’ heartbreaking interview with Robin Roberts in the video below.

“Preventable tragedy” is a spot-on phrase to describe the death of Piazza. It’s devastating to know that Piazza could still be here today if somebody looked out for him. Piazza’s passing shows how important it is to stand up for yourself if you know something is wrong.

Davis is not one of the 18 brothers who are facing charges for the death of Piazza.

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