Chloe Bridges Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Adam Devine's Girlfriend

Adam Devine hosted Sunday’s 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, making now a perfect time to tell you about his gorgeous girlfriend Chloe Bridges. You may recognize Bridges from the popular show Pretty Little Liars, or from any number of Instagram posts featuring the couple who reportedly met in 2015.
Devine told People he does his best to keep Bridges happy:

I do my best to not get too deep in the doghouse. I’m still a child to where I think that, like, attacking her with smooches is the best way to do it. You know, I haven’t really done anything that’ll get me in trouble, so usually my aggressive smooch-attack will get me out of most trouble. So far so good.

In addition to playing Sydney Driscoll on PLL, Bridges has also appeared in movies such as 90210Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and The Carrie Diaries. She’s set to have a role in the upcoming VH1 drama series Daytime Divas as well.
Bridges told Talk Nerdy With Us all about her guilty pleasures, saying:

I’m a nerd about the TV shows I watch, but probably the thing I am nerdiest about is Harry Potter. I’m trying to tone it down, because I’ve recently found that there are some generation gaps in certain things. Everyone my age, for sure, they’ll get my Harry Potter references. Sometimes I’ll be talking to people who are like ten years older than me and they won’t know what I’m talking about and I’m like, “Dang it! That was a great reference and you didn’t understand.” I’m trying to tone it down a little bit, but no, everything pretty much makes me think of Harry Potter.

Be sure to check out all of Bridge’s gorgeous photos above.

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