Adam Scott Meeting His Childhood Idol Mark Hamill Is Quite Enjoyable

Earlier in the week, Jimmy Kimmell bravely and tearfully revealed the health issues that his newborn son, Billy, was having. It was powerful and emotional and honest and funny and everything that makes Jimmy Kimmel great.

Now, while Kimmel hosted the show on Monday, he understandably took the rest of the week off to be with his family. And in his absence, all of his Hollywood friends have come out to give him a hand by hosting his show.

On Tuesday, the always hilarious Will Arnett stepped in. Then on Wednesday, Anthony Anderson took over hosting duties. Finally, last night, the lovely Kristen Stewart was the host.

Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Star Wars Day, Stewart had Adam Scott as a guest, who is a HUGE Star Wars geek. Knowing this, the producers set up a little surprise for him.

Always nice to see, no matter how rich and famous you become, your idols will always be your idols.

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