Class Up Your Kentucky Derby Party With Cocktails Using 1893 Original Cola

The Kentucky Derby is truly fancy event, which is why you’ll bother to actually put on pants before going to your Kentucky Derby-themed party. But if you want to take it up a notch this year, rather than just chugging whatever bourbon straight from the bottle, you can always try to pick up some 1893 Cola to use as a mixer instead.

We were sent a couple of cans of 1893 Cola by the fine folks over at Pepsi, and while the majority of the office wasn’t a big fan of drinking of it straight (I liked it, but I have a caviar and champagne palate), everyone agreed that it goes great as a mixer. The taste of the 1893 Cola is a little heavier than normal cola, with a hint of bitters, but that makes it perfect for mixing with booze.

Check out the recipes that use 1893 Cola in the gallery above, and keep in mind that if you can’t afford the top shelf liquor, you can always alternate to the cheaper stuff.

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