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WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out On Flight From Japan To L.A.


The Internet typically deals in anonymity and mystery. That’s why you can never really find those hot single ladies in your town looking to hook up. Believe me, I know, I’ve tried. Unfortunately, this mystery typically covers all of the Internet’s best videos as well. Anytime we see a great fight clip, we always want to know how the brawl started. Who said what about who’s mother, you know? Sadly, we never usually get the juicy details.

But this fight does have a backstory. Sure, it’s a load of BS (much like those hot single ladies in your town looking to hook up). But, man, I think Marty Scorsese just found the plot to his next movie. Check it out and big thanks to Twitter user @CoreyHour for providing the world with the necessary context for this beatdown.

No, this man was not contracted by the government to carry out a hit in Las Vegas. And if he was, the government really needs to step their game up when it comes to vetting hitmen. But at the very least, wouldn’t you watch a Scorsese-directed movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy as two rival hit men who must kill one another before their shared flight touches down? I’d watch the hell out of that. Make it happen, Hollywood.

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