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Jessica Galyon Photos: HS Janitor Arrested On Rape Charges


Jessica Galyon, a 29-year-old female janitor at Midway High School in Tennessee, was arrested in February on charges that she took a 16-year-old boy into a school room and raped him. Now, the boy’s family are seeking $4.5 million from the school.

What Happened?

Galyon allegedly sexually assaulted a 16-year-old student at Midway High School during school hours. The student’s family want $4.5 million in a lawsuit against the school district and the contractor that employed Galyon as a janitor.

The suit alleges that the school and the company were “negligent” in allowing the attack to take place. The suit alleges that the student dropped out of school as a result of the attack.

According to court papers, Galyon pursued the boy after meeting him in August and asking for his number. She even requested to “friend” him on Facebook.

Soon after, she began sending the student “flirtatious and sexual messages” even after the boy told her to stop, the suit claims.

She is said to have invited the boy to a hotel room, but he refused.

The suit goes on to say that when the boy confronted Galyon, she took him into a room and raped him during school hours.

“This was the first ever sexual encounter of any kind that (the boy) had ever had in his life,” the lawsuit said.

A month after the alleged rape, school supervisors were notified by a faculty member. Galyon was arrested on charges of sexual battery by an authority figured, aggravated statutory rape and statutory rape by an authority figure.

Midway High School

Midway High School is located at 530 Loudon Hwy, Kingston, TN 37763.

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