Gregg Popovich, Good Coach & Even Better Dude, Leaves $5000 Tip At Memphis Bar

You know what I love most about Gregg Popovich? Ya know, other than his legendary coaching status, electric sideline interviews, gruff exterior/kind interior combo, eccentric sense of humor, yada, yada, yada?
What I love most about Gregg Popovich is that he makes Bill Belichick look like a total f*cking asshole. Popovich is walking, talking proof that you can be a genius and the greatest of a generation (and possibly of all time) without being a condescending prick. Popovich is every bit as great as Belichick, yet he doesn’t parade around as though he’s better than everyone like Belichick does.
So, it came as no surprise when I found out that Popovich is slinging around thousands of dollars in tip money while traveling with his team.
According to the San Antonio Express-News, Pop left a $5,000 tip on a dinner at McEwen’s in Memphis before his Spurs’ game 4 loss.
via Reddit
Gregg Popovich: proof that you can be a master at your craft without being a total dick.

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