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LISTEN: Incubus, ‘8’ Stream & Download: New Album


Incubus’ Instagram

Incubus’ long-awaited eighth studio album is finally here, as the aptly titled 8 is now available for download and streaming. Incubus’ last album, If Not Now, When?, was released all the way back on July 12, 2011, leaving fans chomping at the bit for 8 to arrive.

8 is composed of 11 songs, and the album features production and mixing from Skrillex. I’m not going to lie, having that weirdo involved with the project makes me pretty nervous. But on the other hand, these dudes made “Drive,” so they get a lifetime pass from me.

What a goddamn classic. That’s enough of a trip down memory lane for one day, though. Let’s get down to brass tacks and listen to 8.

Stream 8

Via Spotify, you can stream the album below.

Download 8

If you want to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

8 Tracklist

1. No Fun
2. Nimble Bastard
3. State of the Art
4. Glitterbomb
5. Undefeated
6. Loneliest
7. When I Became a Man
8. Familiar Faces
9. Love in a Time of Surveillance
10. Make No Sound in the Digital Forest
11. Throw Out the Map

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