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Here Are All The Hot & Famous People Being Hot & Famous At Coachella


Coachella 2017 is one hell of an event. Beyond all of the amazing performances from the music industry’s best (and discounting the massive amount of drug intake that goes on), Coachella is teeming with A-List celebrities. You know, professional models and actresses who are paid to be beautiful, that kind of thing. Since Coachella is a Big Deal in the music/festival world, Hollywood’s best always end up dominating the event. Hey, we’re not complaining. Looking at TV/Movie/Music stars all day is a perk in our mind.

With this weekend in the books, we put together some of the best photos and pictures of the hottest celebrities and performers at Coachella. Still, we can’t help but wax poetic about what this year’s Coachella would have been like with Queen B still headlining.


Oh well, there’s always next year.

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