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LISTEN: John Mayer, ‘The Search for Everything’ Stream: New Album


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

John Mayer took some time out of his busy schedule of sleeping with the most beautiful women on the planet to release his seventh studio album. The Search for Everything is finally here in full, as Mayer previously gave his fans eight of the album’s songs in EPs released earlier this year.

“Love on the Weekend” and “Still Feel Like Your Man” are the first two singles from The Search for Everything, but I’m sure there will be more to come. Mayer will also tour North America and Europe to promote the album, so check out his official site for all of the tour dates.

Without further ado, here’s how you can stream or download John Mayer’s latest album.

Stream The Search for Everything

Via Spotify, you can stream the album below.

Download The Search for Everything

If you want to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

The Search for Everything Tracklist

1. Still Feel Like Your Man
2. Emoji of a Wave
3. Helpless
4. Love on the Weekend
5. In The Blood
6. Changing
7. Theme from “The Search for Everything”
8. Moving On and Getting Over
9. Never on the Day You Leave
10. Rosie
11. Roll it on Home
12. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

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