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Tomi Lahren Gives An Emotional First Interview After Being Fired From ‘The Blaze’


Tomi Lahren, the notoriously loud-mouthed, shock jock, conservative smokeshow, was famously fired from The Blaze after revealing that she was pro-choice on ABC’s The View. It was clearly a forward thinking move by Lahren, who at only 24-years-old has to be eyeing a more mainstream career somewhere down the line.

While Lahren probably wanted to leave The Blaze eventually, she certainly didn’t want to get fired, so as a result, she’s decided to sue Glenn Beck and The Blaze.

Appearing on Nightline for the first time since being fired, Lahren discussed a multitude of topics, including why she’s suing Beck, how she’s supposed to be perceived as tough, and finally, her pro-choice opinions.

Overall, this is another move by Lahren to the middle of the aisle, as she hops to get scooped up by one of the big three networks, presumably Fox News. If Lahren wins her lawsuit against The Blaze while simultaneously inking a deal with a Fox News or CNN, Lahren may become the world’s premiere bachelorette: super rich, wildly hot, and also, a little crazy.

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