New Texas Football Coach Tom Herman Hangs Preposterous Piss Chart In Locker Room

Texas University, one of the premiere college football programs in the country, hasn’t been up to par the last couple of years, at least by their own standards.
That’s all expected to change with the arrival of former University of Houston head coach Tom Herman, who was hired in November of 2016.
In his two seasons as Houston head coach, Herman compiled a record of 22-4 and was one of the most sought-after candidates on the market this season. And now that Herman has arrived at Texas, people are starting to see what exactly makes him such a… uh… unique coach. And when I say unique, I mean he tests his players’ piss to make sure they’re sufficiently hydrated, and if they’re not, he publicly shames them in front of the rest of the team.

Is it a little weird? Sure. But weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Les Miles eats grass, and LSU was pretty damn good for a long time. Texas would be thrilled if they got the next Les Miles, and at least testing piss has more tangible value than eating grass.
Do I expect this to help with their on-field performance? No — but this is more of a disciplinary move, and I can see quirky little technique like this working. After all, it’s really only about drinking more water, so how hard could that be?

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