Charlie Murphy Memes 2018: Funny Photos, Best Jokes, GIFs & Tweets

Charlie Murphy passed away Wednesday morning of leukemia at 57-years-old. He may be gone, but he left us with some very funny moments and one-liners.

The world is missing yet another funnyman. He’s battle with cancer ended in a New York City hospital today. But at least, his comedy will live on forever.

Who could forget Charlie’s hilarious moments on The Chappelle Show. He got schooled by Prince on the b-ball court and got slapped around by Rick James for no good reason (because he’s Rick James, b*tch!).

He’s co-written movies like Norbit and Vampire in Brooklyn alongside his brother Eddie. He’s also had hilarious roles in The Boondocks, Are We There Yet?, and Black Jesus.

Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy. Your brand of humor will not be forgotten.

Charlie Murphy’s Last Tweets

One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.

— Charlie Murphy (@charliemurphy) April 12, 2017

Rise & Grind: Wake up with the rising sun and seize the day!

— Charlie Murphy (@charliemurphy) April 10, 2017

Can't believe it's been almost a year!? RIP to the Purple One✊🏿

— Charlie Murphy (@charliemurphy) April 4, 2017


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