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Colorado Police Officer Slams CSU Sorority Girl To The Ground In Shocking Video


Michaella Surat is the Colorado State sorority girl who was slammed to the ground outside of a bar by a police officer.

Surat, 22, was thrown to the ground outside Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Thursday, April 6, after allegedly attempting to hit one of the officers. Police were called to the Bondi Beach Bar after reports of a fight that involved Surat’s boyfriend.

According to Kate Kimble, a Fort Collins police spokeswoman, while the responding officers were gathering information from Bondi Beach employees about the fight, Surat allegedly “shoulder-checked the bouncer and an officer and then pulled her boyfriend from the area.”

Kimble said that while the officers told Surat her boyfriend was not free to leave, she was allowed to go. It was at this time that she remained at the scene and “physically obstructed and struck an officer.” Kimble said this is when the still-unidentified officer used a “standard arrest control” to subdue her.

The officer has not been publicly identified.

Via Coloradoan:

A bystander captured part of the incident on video and shared it online. The succinct clip shows what appears to be a scuffle between the woman and an officer in Old Town Square. A few seconds later, the woman and officer grapple before he brings her to the ground.

The incident was also captured on body-worn cameras. All District 1 police officers wear the devices, and Fort Collins Police Services is in the process of outfitting every uniformed cop in the city with the cameras.

 “As this is still an open case, body camera video is not being released at this time,” Kimble said. A police supervisor will review the use of force to ensure the actions are within policy and training.

Surat, a junior at CSU, was arrested and put into the Larimer County Jail. She subsequently posted her $1,750 bond and has been formally charged with third-degree assault and obstructing a police officer. She is due in court Wednesday.

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