WATCH: Mr. Feeny Offers Advice To Younger Generation Like A Boss

I would say that roughly 75% of the useful knowledge I’ve learned in my life came from Mr. Feeny, which is why I’m so happy to see him still doling out life lessons. William Daniels, the actor who played Fe-fe-fe-feeeeeeeny on the dopest show of all time Boy Meets World and its not-so-dope Disney Channel sequel, is back with a few kernels of wisdom in this video from BuzzFeed.
Here’s what Daniels had to say to the younger generation:

“Pay attention to the politics,” he said. “I’m worried about where we are right now. These are difficult times and young people have gotta form an opinion and they’ve gotta act on it. And by act on it, I mean they have to vote when there’s a chance to vote and use their own judgments about what’s going on these days because, I think, these are difficult times, you know? Without getting into it too much.”

Daniels is celebrating his 90th birthday. The man, the myth, the legend even reprised his Mr. Feeny role for the Girl Meets World finale in order to help Topanga make a major life decision. He told BuzzFeed that his favorite piece of in-character advice ever given was, “‘Dream, try, and do good’…Boy, I was close to tears, frankly – it had been seven seasons. But that was it, that is what I’ll always remember, yes.”
Boy Meets World went off the air 17 years ago, yet Mr. Feeny has lived on thanks to clutch memes and a general love of the character, something Daniels still can’t believe.

“I remember we were in New York and we were coming out of the theater after a matinee and there was a bus full of kids,” he recalled. “They came out of the bus as I passed them going down Eighth Avenue, and they started yelling, ‘Feeny! Feeny!’ Well, the brave one that I am, I ran around the block just to get away from them.”

Feeny is the OG of the ’90s and I will fight anyone who says differently.

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