Stockholm Terror Attack Photos: Must-See Pictures & Videos

A minimum of three people were killed and eight have been seriously injured Friday when a large truck crashed into a department store in central Stockholm, Swedish media reports. The Swedish Prime Minister has referred to the events as a “terror attack.”

What Happened?

A lorry truck, which was hijacked, slammed into a department store in central Stockholm, Sweden, on Friday. The incident took place around 3:00 P.M. on Drottninggatan (Queen Street), one of the city’s most populated pedestrian streets, according to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Swedish media is reporting that at least three people died as a result. Swedish broadcaster SVT reports that shots have been fired at the scene. Police have only confirmed the injuries at this time, Reuters reports.
One person has reportedly been arrested, though the police have yet to confirm that, and the Swedish Prime Minister is classifying the incident as a terrorist attack. “Sweden has been attacked, everything points to an act of terror” says Löfven in a brief statement.
Shots have also been fired in another part of the city, BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said, citing security sources. It is unknown at this time if the two incidents are related.

Swedish brewery Spendrups said its lorry had been stolen on its way to a restaurant delivery.
“Someone jumped into the driver’s cabin and drove off with the vehicle while the driver was unloading,” a brewery spokesperson told the TT news agency.
One eyewitness told the BBC she was in the shop’s fitting room when she heard the screams. “There was blood everywhere,” she said.
The city’s central station has been evacuated and the metro has also been suspended.

Drottninggatan (Queen Street)

Drottninggatan (Queen Street) is a major pedestrian street in Stockholm, Sweden. It stretches north from the bridge Riksbron at Norrstrom, in the district of Norrmalm, to Obcervatoriulunden in the district of Vasastaden.

Terror Attack In Stockholm Leaves At Least Five Dead & Multiple Injured
Terror Attack In Stockholm Leaves At Least Five Dead & Multiple Injured
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