Utah Student Injures Herself While Wearing Drunk Googles, School District Pays Her $100K

Kylie Nielsen, a Utah student, has won $100,00 from her school district after she broke her ankle wearing ‘drunk simulation goggles’ during her health class.
Nielsen, who was 13 at the time of the injury, was forced to undergo two surgeries after her foot got stuck in a desk during an ‘alcohol impairment simulation’ at the Centennial Junior High School in Kaysville, Utah, back in 2014.
Nielsen, who is now in high school, will now receive $61,000 from the Davis School District, as well as another $39,000 — $13,000 for medical expenses, and $26,000 to legal fees.
via Daily Mail:

Nielsen was 13 when she participated in an exercise to simulate alcohol impairment at Centennial Junior High School north of Salt Lake City. Her teacher, Rick Smith, encouraged students to play tag and run around a classroom while wearing ‘drunk goggles,’ according to court documents.
Nielsen’s foot got stuck in a desk, and she broke her ankle in multiple places. She underwent two different surgeries, but one of her legs ended up shorter than the other, her parents said. The former track star was no longer able to complete, and the teen still experiences pain and swelling with any physical activity, according to the personal injury lawsuit.
The teacher ‘breached a duty owed to [Nielsen] by failing to act with reasonable care,’ according to the school district’s statement in court papers.

Smith, the teacher involved in the incident, no longer works in the district, although it is unclear why.
Shauna Luna, a spokesperson for the school district, it was ‘tragic accident’ and ‘We are sorry for all Kylie went through as a result of it.’

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