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Cynthia Ray: Full Story & Must-See Details of Detroit Doctor

Cynthia Ray: Full Story & Must-See Details of Detroit Doctor

Henry Ford Health System

A doctor from Detroit tried to help teenagers in a car wreck and ended up being hit by a car herself. She died on Wednesday from her injuries.

What Happened?

This past Sunday, Dr. Cynthia Ray was on her way to work, when she saw an overturned Jeep with passengers trapped inside. She came out to help the trapped teenagers, but while she was trying to rescue these teens, she was struck by a car. The driver is also injured.

Another person also tried to help, but he was hit by a car as well, and had to have his foot amputated. His name is Sean English, a teenager, who is lucky to escape with his life.

Cynthia Ray passed away on Wednesday.

Who’s Cynthia Ray?

She was a 47-year-old interventional pulmonologist at Henry Ford Hospital. Ray tried to rescue teens from a car wreck, but this move proved to be fatal. She was struck by a car that pulled around a curve.

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