Jesse Watters, Owner Of The World's Most Punchable Face, Goes To Columbia To Harass College Kids

Common logic would tell you that Jesse Watters shouldn’t be so smug considering his boss, Bill O’Reily, is losing advertisers faster then he can say ‘sexual assault’. But common logic doesn’t apply to Fox News and it’s miscreants, does it?
Jesse Watters, Fox’s resident expert in ‘She didn’t say no’, went to Columbia University in New York City to harass a bunch of college kids over their beliefs.  Watters said he hadn’t seen as many radicals in one place since ‘Woodstock’, which is almost as original as asking people why the chicken crossed the road.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone though: asking arrogant questions to off-guard passerby’s has been Watters’ shtick for years. Watters has a long history of creating segments for “Watters’ World” often aimed at making ordinary people look stupid, which is pretty easy to do considering the ability to edit footage.
Dude is the definition of white privilege and has frankly been a prick for years. With his boss rapidly inching towards the end of the plank, hopefully Watters goes down with him.
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