Kenyan Cop Goes Full ‘Dirty Harry,’ Executes Criminal In Middle Of Street


A viral video showing the killing of two suspected gang members in Eastleigh, Nairobi on Friday, April 1, has sparked outrage amongst Kenyans.

It is being reported that the dead suspects in the video were members of Super Power Gang and were about to commit a robbery. The Super Power Gang is one of more than 90 groups outlawed in a gazette notice by Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery in December of 2016.

Kenyans became outraged after it was claimed that a policeman was involved in the shooting. They have demanded that those seen in the video be identified.

Via The Star:

The father of one of the young men shot in the incident acknowledged that his son was actually a thug and pleaded with the government to release his body.

“He was not one to use knives or guns. He was just a thief of going into people’s pockets and such things,” he told journalists at his home.

There were mixed reactions by Kenyans online with some of them supporting the police for killing the gang members. The incident is the latest of a series of shootings that have painted Kenyan police a trigger-happy, ready to kill even unarmed suspects who have already surrendered.

Charles Owino, a spokesman for the Eastleigh Police,  said those in the video must be identified for an investigation to begin.

“The important thing is the person must be identified whether they are policemen or not,” he told the Star on phone.

The incident is the latest in a long line of shootings allegedly involving Kenyan police officers.

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