NCAA Tournament 2018: Odds, Vegas Favorites & Betting Lines

Now that the confetti has fallen, “One Shining Moment” has been played, and Jim Nantz’ tie has been handed out, it’s time to start looking ahead to next year. Money never sleeps, so I’m already crunching numbers like Rain Man trying to sniff out a wager with some major value. I’ll most likely come up short, but I can guarantee you that the 2017-2018 National Championship won’t be nearly as poorly officiated as last night’s game. Heads will roll for that abomination.

Courtesy of Vegas Insider, here are the odds for which team will cut down the nets next year. I limited the list to teams with odds of 100/1 or better, so you won’t piss your money away on a school with three directions in their name.

Odds To Win 2017-18 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (4/2/18)

Kentucky 10/1
Louisville 12/1
Duke 12/1
Kansas 12/1
North Carolina 12/1
Villanova 12/1
Gonzaga 12/1
Arizona 20/1
Michigan 20/1
Indiana 20/1
Wichita State 20/1
Florida 20/1
Butler 20/1
Michigan State 20/1
West Virginia 30/1
Virginia 30/1
Oklahoma 30/1
Florida State 40/1
St. Mary’s, CA 40/1
UCLA 40/1
Baylor 50/1
Miami, Fl. 50/1
Oregon 60/1
Seton Hall 60/1
Purdue 60/1
USC 60/1
Wisconsin 60/1
Xavier 80/1
SMU 80/1
Cincinnati 80/1
Iowa State 80/1
Creighton 80/1
Alabama 80/1
Vanderbilt 80/1
Notre Dame 80/1
UConn 100/1
VCU 100/1
Virginia Tech 100/1
Syracuse 100/1
Marquette 100/1
Maryland 100/1
Minnesota 100/1
Northwestern 100/1
Illinois 100/1
Arkansas 100/1
South Carolina 100/1
Texas A&M 100/1
Nevada 100/1
San Diego State 100/1
Utah 100/1
If I had to pick one school to throw a few bucks on it’d be Michigan State. I know they underachieved┬áthis past year, going 20-15 overall and getting bounced in the round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament. But they still have Tom Izzo running the show and four of their top five scorers were freshmen, so I’m thinking they are going to improve by leaps and bounds next season.

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