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Wrestling Legend Diamond Dallas Page Flips Out On Dan Le Batard, Calls Him A Monkey


Look, Dan Le Batard isn’t for everybody. In fact, few sports talk show hosts are for everybody. When you think about it, it’s essentially their job to be divsive. That is especially true when it comes to ESPN’s Dan Le Batard.

Le Batard’s abrasive, he’s arrogant. His show is sloppy and unfocused. But he’s honest and authentic. He’s never intimidated by his guests. Le Batard is willing to go where few, if any, sportscasters will. And that’s what makes him great — he’s always pushing boundaries, and therefore, pushing buttons.

Sometimes, well, most times, that pushing works out for Le Batard. He’ll usually get rare authenticity out of an athlete, or at the very least, go viral for something else entirely.

Orrrrr… it turns out like this, with the guest calling him a monkey (is it racist to call a Spanish dude a monkey?) and hanging up the phone.

via Complex:

During the course of his interview, Dan Le Batard pressed him for details about his real-life feuds with fellow wrestlers Ric Flair and Scott Steiner.

DDP and Steiner were involved in an infamous altercation backstage at a WCW event in 2001 that reportedly ended with Steiner trying to rip DDP’s eyes out. Steiner was unsuccessful, but the fight obviously led to some bad blood between the two. And Le Batard wanted to know more about the fight and how it impacted their relationship moving forward.

“You tried to rip his eyes out!” Le Batard yelled. “Or did he try to rip your eyes ? Who tried to rip whose eyes out there? Somebody tried to rip somebody’s eyes out there.”

Never change, Le Batard. You’re one of the only bright spots left at the mothership.

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