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Dude Delivers The Best People’s Elbow Since The Rock’s Heyday During Brawl At Texas ChiliFest


Little to no context for this one other than knowing it went down at Chilifest in Texas.

So, let’s talk about that elbow from the heavens. Dude looked like he was dropped out of an airplane. The WWE’s numbers are down? Sign this kid up.

All this said, as much as I love a good tussle, ole’ number 17 there should be in prison. There’s a line between guys being dudes and being a sociopath bashing someone’s brains in. I’m all for defending your honor yada, yada, yada, but when you’re straddling a dude unloading haymakers onto his unconscious brain, I’m going to find myself hoping you find yourself in jail.

What is Chilifest?

Via Chilifest:

In the fall of 1999, eight years after the inception of the Chilifest event, Chilifest Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was formed to professionally manage and organize what has become the most anticipated event in the Brazos Valley – CHILIFEST.

Over the years, Chilifest Inc. has assembled an untarnished resume of success – having entertained thousands of patrons and attracted some of country music’s finest performers to our area. Undoubtedly, Chilifest remains in a class of its own: dedicated to provide a spectacular event, with all proceeds benefiting the community to aid in many worthy causes. We have proven that Texas music brings loyal fans to the Starlight Ballroom in Snook each spring where fifteen acres of pastureland are transformed into a two-day event that includes chili, live music, and FUN!

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